The first thing that I would love to share with you is how much I enjoy and appreciate my career. Planning a wedding brings me immense professional and personal happiness, a combination that makes every single day exciting. I have always needed a creative outlet in life and being an efficiency + organisational freak meant that wedding planning ticked both boxes in the best way possible.

I didn’t originally set out to work in weddings. My passion started at a small wedding venue in Cape Town (my hometown), and after one wedding season I knew this was what I was going to pursue. Fast forward a few years, my husband and I now live in London and I have the pleasure of planning weddings in stunning wedding venues around the UK.

The wedding planning experience is generally quite new to couples. Though as a wedding planner, I have witnessed the exciting planning months, the I dos, the happy tears, the feasts, the guests, the flowers and all the beauty that comes with a wedding celebration a hundred times over. Those moments, and the couples creating them, are the reason I love my work.

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