How to Choose Your Wedding Colour Palette, a Wedding Planner’s Top Three Options

Hey! I'm Emma-Jane and I’ve put this Wedding Colour Palette guide together for couples figuring out the first steps of planning and styling their wedding. This is always my favourite part of the wedding planning process and I love being able to flex my creative skills when dreaming up the perfect look for a wedding couple.

One: Use Complementary Colours

Complementary colours are colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. Pairing two complementary colours together, such as blue and orange, creates a striking and bold colour palette.

Complementary colour palettes don’t have to be bright though, to soften your colour palette you can use lighter or pastel versions of your selected colours. For example, blue and orange can be adapted to pale blue and peach. Green and red can become shades of olive and terracotta.

Two: Use Warm or Cool Tones

The colour wheel can be split into two groups: warm and cool. Warm colours include red, orange and yellow whereas cool colours include blue, green and purple. Opting to use one half of the colour wheel is a simple way to create a colourful yet cohesive wedding design.

A warm colour palette could include bohemian tones such as rust, terracotta, mustard and beige. Or for less rustic styling, using dark tones of red with a feisty orange will add a gorgeous depth to your wedding design. Warm colours look spectacular bathed in candlelight and have the ability to bring atmosphere and romance to almost any space.

Cool colours are equally versatile. Used outdoors, pale lilacs and blues with brushed silverware can create an exquisite Provençal style wedding. Mauve and sage (muted purple and pale green) look wonderfully natural and bring a sense of the outdoors in, especially in brightly lit venues where the colours can be enjoyed in natural light.

Three: Just Pick One Colour!

Using various shades of one colour is called Tonal or Monochrome Styling. This method is a particularly good option for couples who are styling their own wedding without a planner/stylist. You only need to select one colour and then use various shades of it throughout your wedding design.

This makes your decision making for the styling aspects of the wedding especially simple and stress-free. Don’t worry too much about whether the various shades will match each other on the day, provided they are all stemming from one colour, the design will work.

As a wedding planner and stylist, do I have a favourite method?

As you may have already guessed, there is absolutely no way that I could choose just one of these methods as my favourite – nor a set of colours! While I do tend to gravitate towards more unusual colour pairings, I equally enjoy working with neutral palettes that make use of very natural palettes. This aside, so many styling decisions can be influenced by the wedding venue’s features, the mood we’re aiming to create and ultimately the couple’s desires for their wedding day.

Wedding styling is seeming like an overwhelming task, what can I do?

First, take a deep breath. Then, get excited because you’re in exactly the right place and I offer mini styling consultations to couples all over the United Kingdom! A Styling Consultation includes recommendations on wedding elements such as linen, tableware, flowers and outfits all in the form of a moodboard that you can share with your suppliers, as well as one additional phone call to discuss the various options your suppliers have put together.

Send me an email requesting 'styling consultation information' to receive a breakdown of what the consultation includes and how much it costs. 🌟

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Hello! I'm a wedding planner and stylist based in London, planning romantic and modern wedding celebrations of all styles in the United Kingdom.  My relaxed and efficient approach to wedding planning offers couples an enjoyable and smooth planning process while also ensuring a seamless and memorable event at the end of it. If I had to choose ONE thing that I love most about weddings (not an easy task!) it would be the moment the wedding ceremony music begins and the months of meticulous planning are brought to life by the excitement of couple and their guests. 

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